Half Staff, the work of the artist Yiannis Pappas against borders and nationalisms.

“Anyone publicly and intentionally destroys, disperses, deteriorates, makes the national flag or another state emblem is punished with imprisonment up to two years” Tearing a flag is a powerful, insurrectional gesture, a destructive act. But can the desecration of a flag turns into a constructive act? The answer comes by Yiannis Pappas, a Berlin based […]

The lone inhabitant of the island of Kinaros, Mrs. Rinio.

Isolation is a common word in these times of pandemics and containment measures linked to the spread of covid-19. In the case of a quarantine one speaks of isolation as a suffered condition, often an antechamber of loneliness, but there is also another isolation that has little to do with loneliness, as a desired condition. […]

“Sud e magia” by Egisto Macchi – the documentary soundtrack, 1977

The opportunity to remember the television documentary “Sud e magia”, inspired by the Ernesto De Martino’s book, and filmed in 1978 by the director Gianfranco Mingozzi, is given to us by the recent release of the soundtrack by Soave records, the satellite label of Cinedelic Records.The recording sessions that took place between 19 and 21 […]

What happens when nature goes viral?

We are really fortunate, we live in a generation of accessible travel, in an age where tourism is extremely facilitated thanks to the proliferation of low cost airlines routes around the world. A smartphone in our hands, and the internet to help us get anywhere and anything we want. The possibility to photograph unknown places […]

Coronavirus, the ransom of small villages

According to the collective imaginary, Covid-19 and the consequent lockdown are perceived as a metropolitan phenomenon. The images that have traveled around the world are those of the cities, the metropolis of Wuhan, the music and the chorus from the balconies of Naples, Palermo, Turin; the applauses for the medical corps from the buildings of […]

Introduction | See the inland and then die

Yes we know, Naples is certainly not a place extraneous to the actuality, or an alternative destination, especially in recent years, and not even a place that we could define properly “silent”; yet Silent_Geography was born right here, during a weekend in late January 2020. Along the Mediterranean coast line that leads from via Caracciolo […]

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