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Silent Geography is a geography on tiptoe, a geography that we like to define as that one of the “lands where things happen elsewhere”, of those spaces that do not exist or that exist only marginally in the contemporary narrative of actuality. Silent Geography is a geography of resistance, of ecological, anthropological and cultural resistance, aware of the global phenomena of tourism and gentrification, which deals with human resources, social and environmental resources, and which speaks the language of sustainable economies. Silent Geography tells about physical but also imaginary spaces, with a strong passion especially for Utopian ones, it encourages idealisms.
Silent Geography supports and stimulates changes of perspectives, it is convinced that travel is the art of questioning yourself, seeing reality from different angles, from further away and from always different and wider perspectives, to better understand ourselves , our societies, and the places we live.
“To be means to inhabit”

Last but not least:
Silent Geography is an independent geography.

SG was born between Berlin/Germany and Irpinia/Italy with a travail of indecisions and insecurity that lasted from 2016 to 2020, the year of the coronavirus, but also the year of courage, of the publication of the website and the first article.
SG is a project conceived by Paolo Picone / Studio Mondocubo

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