See Naples and die

Introduction | See the inland and then die

Yes we know, Naples is certainly not a place extraneous to the actuality, or an alternative destination, especially in recent years, and not even a place that we could define properly “silent”; yet Silent_Geography was born right here, during a weekend in late January 2020. Along the Mediterranean coast line that leads from via Caracciolo to the pier of Mergellina, in the city that is not ours for residence, but ours for identity and belonging.
One of the most vibrant and mestizo places in our Europe, Naples could be a measure of intensity, a reference to measure the energy of cities and urban centers.
A city that will often return on this pages, for its historical relationship with elsewhere, with the Mediterranean and the peoples of its coasts; city ​​of human beings, before city of architectures, proudly ancient, yet modern and deeply occidental, so as to be able to represent a symbol of the Occident.

“See Naples and then die” said J. W. Goehte, but we add: “see also the Inland and then die”!

Naples will be a starting point for us rather than an arrival one; We will be focused specifically to those apparently remote places a few hours from the city of Naples, paradises of authenticity, marginal lands, and poorly explored, inland but not only, also on the coast. The Southern Italy (Mezzogiorno) and beyond, lands where we believe a future is still waiting to be interpreted. We will try to look at the Mezzogiorno from another perspective, like that green strip of the European continent that extends into the barycentric heart of the Mediterranean, between millennial cultures and three different continents. We will look for beauties and resistances: landscapes, cultures, folklore, food and agricolture, but also art and design scenes, postcards without clichés to be sent to the world, to those who have left these lands, to those who want to visit them, to those who intend to live in them, or to those looking for a motivation to re-live them. Geographical resistance.
We will then go further, in the other Mezzogiorno of Europe to better understand our corner: in the Mediterranean basin, as far as we can along its northern, eastern, western and southern coasts. Searching a new way of ​​inhabiting this side of this incredible basin of cultures, and of this planet called Earth.

Let’s start!

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Irpinia, Naples, and Berlin are the places I call home. I deal with design, art and craftsmanship as Studio MONDOCUBO. Music producer under the name PEAK, co-owner of AQUIETBUMP label, and for many years into the management of musical events and tours for artists around Italy and Europe. Design, music, and travels are my great three passions. At elementary school I knew by heart almost all the capitals of the nations of the world, the teacher told me that I was good at geography. That's why I founded Silent_Geography.
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